New Community Market Coming Soon to Houston’s Second Ward
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Little Red Box Grocery is all about Good FoodFor All. We're a small (real small) store located in Houston's historic Second Ward, an area that lacks ready access to healthy and affordable food. Think of us as a neighborhood market - fresh foods + meal kits + grocery staples, with a focus on community engagement and empowerment.

Our vision is to build a good food system designed for our community, by our community. Why? because approximately 40 million Americans, including 5 million Texans, live in food deserts. These are communities with low access to fresh and healthy foods and high access to unhealthy alternatives, and where a trip to the grocery store is oftentimes a tradeoff between convenience, cost, and choice. This is not acceptable.

Universal access to good food is integral to the vitality of all communities. Good food doesn’t just nourish bodies and minds, it can spur new investment into our neighborhoods and prove once and for all that food deserts don’t have to exist if we let imagination and innovation prevail. If there was ever a time to prioritize access – and action – it is now.  

Little Red Box is starting here with this one store, with plans to expand steadily until the conversation is no longer ‘Why is this?’, but rather ‘What can this become?’-- Join Us.